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Global Risk Intelligence (GRI) is a boutique risk advisory firm. GRI navigates complex global risk issues and provides solutions for clients. GRI is committed to helping clients improve operational excellence by better understanding current and unperceived threats, ensuring that they are resilient in an increasingly uncertain era.

Global Risk Intelligence is headquartered in Washington, DC with a network of resources located throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. All GRI resources hold at least a Master’s degree and are considered experts in their specific field such as risk management, defense & security, natural resources, construction and finance.

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Reports By Global Risk Intel

An Assessment of Nuclear-Powered Submarines: Operational Advantages and Safety Risks

Nuclear-powered submarines have been utilized by the militaries of the US, Russia, the UK, and China...

Top Global Risks of 2020

Summary The Top Global Risks 2020 Report offers a review of the most relevant risks regarding impact...

Assessing the Irish Border Issue and Brexit with Machine Learning

One of the most complex issues policymakers face as they negotiate the United Kingdom’s departure...

The Impact of Climate Change on India’s Agriculture, Food Security, and Agricultural Trade

Estimates predict that India will become a country that is highly vulnerable to climate change. As...

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