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Global Risk Intelligence is a global risk advisory firm. We provide mitigation solutions for clients and are committed to helping them in their operations to understand current and unperceived threats, ensuring that they are resilient in an increasingly uncertain era.

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The Impact of Climate Change on India’s Agriculture, Food Security, and Agricultural Trade

Estimates predict that India will become a country that is highly vulnerable to climate change. As...

Internet Kill Switch: Risks and Aims of Government-Imposed Internet Shutdowns

Governments have flipped the internet kill switch and utilized network shutdowns for various...

Armed Humanitarian Intervention: Lessons from Africa and Europe

Executive Summary: This Risk Dossier is an examination of military involvement within humanitarian...

A Strategic Assessment of Imran Khan's Pakistan

Summary: This Special Report examines the economic and security outlook for Pakistan. It examines...

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Trending Theme: EU Agrees to Brexit Extension Until January 31

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, announced on October 28, 2019, that the EU agreed to grant Britain a new Brexit delay to January 31, 2020. The “flextension” gives Britain until January 31 to leave the bloc but provides them with the opportunity to leave before as long as the British Parliament passes all relevant legislation ...