Our Approach

GRI anticipates, assesses and advises management by providing the right expertise and tools needed to navigate around potential risks and minimize the effects to operations.

At the Intersection of Business and Politics

Risk Advisory Services

Organizations are facing tremendous pressure to stay ahead of local, regional and global threats. GRI assists organizations mitigate and monitor these issues thanks to a variety of service offerings.

Risk Management & Artifical Intelligence

Our AI-powered methods ensure that you are always ahead, helping you anticipate, assess, and react to risks quickly and effectively.

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The GRI Experience

Working with GRI is the first step in a journey that will ultimately be rewarding in a number of ways. We will face challenges together, but our focused-yet-flexible approach will uncover multiple solutions and recommendations you can use to build the future of your business.

Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

Researching risks and analyzing potential outcomes provides you with a clear roadmap of potential threats.



We bring years of experience and knowledge in risk intelligence to the table so you’re free to focus on your business.

Customer Recognition

Customer Recognition

Our customers have recognized GRI as a leader in the risk intelligence industry.


Advising With Standards

GRI understands the importance and value associated with quality services. That is why we provide clients with a standard of information that effectively communicates their situation and interests.