The aerospace industry is a highly complex sector which produces advanced hardware such as drones, missiles, aircraft, and satellites. Manufacturing for these products is increasingly expensive and supply chains are extensive, intricate and vulnerable to disruption.

Our professionals provide the knowledge and skill needed to subdue these risks. Our Aerospace Industry Services include:

  • Analysis of the strategic risks a company faces on the global level.
  • Forecasting future threats on the horizon.
  • Customized Risk Reports and briefings.
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation Plans.
  • Training and Workshops on relevant issues.

Advances in commercial aviation, military technology and the exploitation of space are transforming the aerospace industry. Our professionals will partner with companies to effectively and efficiently forecast, identify and assess risks as well as advise on mitigation plans.

GRI consistently monitors changes to sensitive situations, taking note of how changes will impact the industry. Our steady vigilance ensures that clients will have peace of mind knowing that we will keep them one step ahead of potential difficulties.