Associated Risks and Legal Limitations of Cyber Warfare

Yasemin Zeisl | Oct 30, 2019

State governments and private businesses are increasingly vulnerable to harmful cyber operations. The scope and versatility of cyberattacks indicate that they could become a key component of warfare in the future. While domestic laws on data privacy may protect consumers, international law lacks a comprehensive treaty on cyber warfare. Such a treaty would resolve ambiguities regarding the attribution of cross-border attacks, self-defense options, and the use of force. This risk report identifies key areas that are particularly vulnerable to international cyberattacks and offers various recommendations for improved cybersecurity initiatives. 

About the Author

Yasemin Zeisl

Yasemin Zeisl earned her MSc in International Relations and Affairs from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Yasemin is fluent in German and English and possesses advanced Japanese language skills.

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