Top Global Risks of 2020

Global Risk Intel | Mar 5, 2020


The Top Global Risks 2020 Report offers a review of the most relevant risks regarding impact, scope, and probability for the public and private sectors. Our team has analyzed the strategic, operational, financial, and compliance risk trends from 2019 to construct a risk landscape outlook for 2020. Understanding the causes, development, and impact of these risks will permit improved risk preparedness and resilience in 2020.

Here are our Top 10 Global Risks in alphabetic order:

  • Authoritarian Leadership
  • Compounding Effects of Climate Change
  • Data Insecurity
  • Global Recession
  • Impact of AI on Employment
  • Political Polarization
  • Political Unrest
  • Regionalization & Isolation
  • Terrorism
  • Trade Wars



The risk topics selected for this report were chosen by Global Risk Intelligence’s panel of subject matter experts and risk analysts during a series of risk workshops. The first round of workshops entailed the identification of risk and the allocation within a risk category as per strategic, financial, operational and compliance. Once the significant global risks were selected for evaluation by the panel, they were scored based on the probability of occurrence and the potential impact of each risk topic.

The selected risks were given a score of 1 through 10, (1 being the lowest score and 10 the highest) for both probability and impact. These two scores were multiplied together to create a combined Risk Score. The combined risk scores from each evaluator were compiled to create a total risk score which was then ranked. Thus, the 10 risk topics selected for this report were those given the highest total Risk Scores by the panel of Subject Matter Experts and Risk Analysts.

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