Given the extremely unpredictable nature of the market, construction companies must clearly identify and manage specific risks such as:

  • Financial – Currency volatility or difficulty to comply with financial obligations due to debt.
  • Strategic – Geopolitical disruptions and international tensions.
  • Operational – Breakdown of supply chain.
  • Compliance – Difficulty to adapt processes to new laws and regulations.

Our professionals will partner with organizations to effectively and efficiently forecast, identify and assess risks as well as advise on mitigation plans. Our Construction Services include:

  • Analysis of the strategic risks a company faces on the global level.
  • Forecasting future threats on the horizon.
  • Customized Risk Reports and briefings.
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation Plans.
  • Training and Workshops on relevant issues.

The construction sector is vulnerable to changes brought on by emerging technologies, evolving workforce and economic instability. Safety is also fundamental to all aspects within the industry. GRI consistently monitors changes to sensitive situations, taking note of how changes will impact construction processes creating both new threats and potential opportunities. Our steady vigilance ensures that clients will have peace of mind knowing that we will keep them one step ahead.