Dwight Lindquist

Dwight Lindquist

Dwight Lindquist is a Risk Specialist at Global Risk Intelligence. He is currently an MA candidate in International Studies at the Johns Hopkins University in Nanjing, China. Dwight is fluent in English and Mandarin, previously earning a Certificate from the East China Normal University in Shanghai. He is based between China and the US.

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Reports By Dwight Lindquist

Cobalt Mining in the DRC: Outlook and Implications

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) holds vast reserves of mineral wealth. These resources...

The Effects of Argentinian Shale Production on Agriculture and Public Health

In the past two decades, countries around the world have begun to exploit shale reserves of oil and...

Insights & Trending Themes By Dwight Lindquist

A Change in Government and Associated Risks in Lebanon

Protests in Lebanon spanning two weeks in late October culminated in the resignation of the country’s Prime Minister. While the proximate cause for the protests was an increase in the tax rate applied to the use of WhatsApp, a messaging platform, the Lebanese public had long harbored dissatisfaction over the sectarian government’s corruption and failure to effectively run the economy ...

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Deep Sea Mining: Prospects and Challenges

The deep sea mining industry is poised for rapid growth over the next half-decade as companies, countries, and institutions react to changes in international demand for various minerals. Deep sea mineral deposits often hold reserves that are denser than those found on land ...

India’s Banking System: Risks and Responses

India’s economy has faced significant challenges over the past two years, with overall GDP growth decreasing each of the past five quarters to 5% for the quarter ending in June 2019. The government has implemented various measures in order to boost growth, such as a $20 billion corporate tax cut in late September ...