Dominant Risks in the Defense and Security Industry

This report analyzes five dominant risks in the Defense and Security Industry. These risk factors entail the following:

  • - Emerging Technologies
  • - Cybersecurity
  • - Supply Chain Security
  • - International Market Competition
  • - Geopolitical Volatility

About the Author

Global Risk Intel

Global Risk Intelligence is a global risk advisory firm. We provide mitigation solutions for clients and are committed to helping them in their operations to understand current and unperceived threats, ensuring that they are resilient in an increasingly uncertain era.

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David Hutchins

David Hutchins is a Risk Analyst at Global Risk Intelligence. He earned his MSc in Defence, Development, and Diplomacy from the Durham Global Security Institute at Durham University in the United Kingdom. He maintains 6 years of military experience having served in the United States Marine Corps Forces Reserve. David is currently based in the United States.

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Alexander Hutchins

Alexander Hutchins is an Associate Risk Specialist at Global Risk Intelligence, where he focuses on cybersecurity issues. He has competed in a number of cyber defense competitions and simulations. Aside from his technical expertise, Alexander maintains experience in the pharmaceutical sector. He earned his BS in Journalism and Mass Communication from Iowa State University. He is based in the United States.

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