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Connecting Crises: Refugees, Euroscepticism, and the Future of European Markets

David Hutchins | Mar 26, 2019


The details of this report highlight the connection between the chaos caused by violent extremism and how it has led to a destabilization of European politics as well as its associated markets. This report provides an analysis of the quantity of asylum seekers fleeing to Europe, what parts of the world they are arriving from, how they arrive to the continent, what European countries they are seeking asylum in, how this migration has become a crisis, how the crisis has generated support for Eurosceptic political parties across Europe, and how all of this could damage the future of the European Union and its associated markets. In summary, connecting these crises provides a greater understanding of the current and future conditions of Europe as well as the uncertainty of European markets.

About the Author

David Hutchins

David Hutchins earned his MSc in Defence, Development, and Diplomacy from the Durham Global Security Institute at Durham University in the UK. He maintains 6 years of military experience having served in the United States Marine Corps Forces Reserve.

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