In order to fully evaluate and prevent risk, one must first understand it. Therefore, GRI provides research and analytical services to our clients. Using a lens that has been crafted through years of industry experience, GRI takes a detailed look at the causes of risk, identifies the risk factors involved, and provides an analysis of the potential threats. 

The highly educated and skilled experts at GRI work with organizations to take a close look at the foundations of risk while simultaneously observing the bigger picture of how threats effect our client’s operations. The detailed analysis provided allows companies to navigate around threats and make informed decisions. 

Another custom analysis we offer is Regionscope reporting. These reports were developed by GRI to provide our clients with information relevant to the area where the client is located or where their current project is housed. These reports look at the interrelated regional risks associated with the project and can unveil or clarify risks unique to the area.

As global risk advisors, GRI leverages people and processes to understand goals and deliver solutions.