How Firms and Governments Can Assess and Mitigate Risks

July 25, 2019

Global Policy Institute President Paolo von Schirach hosts Jennifer Hoffman, Senior Vice President of Global Risk Intelligence, a risk advisory firm that provides customized services to companies and organizations. The discussion focuses on how corporations and other actors can better understand the context in which they operate, properly assess the risks involved, and take the appropriate measures aimed at avoiding or mitigating them.

Senior Vice President Jennifer Hoffman

About the Author

Global Risk Intel

Global Risk Intelligence is a global risk advisory firm. We provide mitigation solutions for clients and are committed to helping them in their operations to understand current and unperceived threats, ensuring that they are resilient in an increasingly uncertain era.

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Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman is Senior Vice President of Business Development at Global Risk Intelligence and maintains over 20 years experience in risk advisory and management consulting. Jennifer previously was the Double Vice President at Astaldi, heading Risk Management in North America and Business Development for the United States. She has also held high ranking managerial positions at EY. Jennifer earned her MBA from St. John’s University in Rome, Italy and her BA from Columbia College, Columbia University in New York. She is currently based in the United States.

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