About Us

Global Risk Intelligence is a boutique risk advisory firm which provides consulting services to anticipate, assess and advise organizations. We utilize data to drive critical and confident decisions. We provide risk management at country, enterprise, and project specific levels. We identify, assess and evaluate risks, as well as opportunities, in existing operations. We monitor potential threats that impact operations, strategy and reputation.



Our Mission

GRI’s mission is to become a recognized player within the risk management community.  We strive to successfully anticipate, assess and advise global clients from both public and private sectors on specific threats while ensuring a culture of effective risk management and ultimately create profit for shareholders in a sustainable manner. 

We want to be acknowledged as a balanced source of local, current and objective “risk awareness” thought leadership, as well as a partner with whom companies, organizations and institutions may collaborate in order to create the next generation of risk management methodology, tools and frameworks.




We are agile and flexible – we are ahead of the game with responsive innovation. GRI embraces new ideas and anticipates and responds to changing customer and market opportunities.

We are collaborative and thrive on strategic partnerships and alliances. In this current world, where accurate data and information is at a premium, people need to be able to rely upon an advisor that is gathering sufficient, reliable information, analyzing this information and making articulate conclusions.


Gain a Competitive Advantage

We DIVE DEEP – there is a true depth of research by our globally sourced experts. We offer detailed analysis to executive teams to assist in shaping business decisions.

About Us

Headquartered in Washington, DC

GRI is headquartered in Washington, DC. This location provides us with access to a number of strategic resources and partnerships.